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Chief Minister Dhumal says Himachal Pradesh poised to emerge hub of quality education

Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister   HimachalPradesh, appealed to teachers to be role model to their students through their conduct and devotion. He was speaking on the occasion of one-day Conference on ‘Universal, Free, Compulsory and Quality Education for All’ organized by Himachal Pradesh School Lecturers Association here today.

Chief Minister said that Himachal Pradesh was poised to emerge a hub of quality education where teachers had to play pivotal role. He said that teachers needed to be a source of inspiration and motivation to their students which was essential to bring about qualitative change in education and producing best citizens of the country. He said that teachers-students was the most pious relationship which never envy each other but achievements of the students was a matter of pride to teachers. He said that teachers were architect of strong India and they had to discharge their duties and responsibilities more dedicatedly and devotedly. He said that teachers needed to know something of everything and everything of their subject which would make them popular teachers not only within their institution but in the entire educational circle. He said that there was no substitute for hard work and hard work never goes unrewarded. He said that there was no end to learning and teachers needed to keep open mind to learn more and more besides updating them about the latest trends in the respective discipline.

Prof. Dhumal said that Himachal Pradesh was one of the few leading states where 17 percent of its annual budgetary provisions were being spent on expansion and strengthening of education sector during current financial year. He said that the infrastructural creation budgetary provisions had also been enhanced by 142 crore thereby ensuring quality educational infrastructural facilities to the students. He appreciated the results of government educational institutions which had increased to 57 percent during current session and hoped that the same would further improve. He appealed to the teachers to implement 9-Point Environment Protection Code in morning prayers and groom their students as ambassadors of environment.

Chief Minister emphasised on organizing such awareness conferences at lower level as well so that students were also benefitted in rural areas. He also honoured the meritorious students who made their name into the merit list during recent results and who had studies in government educational institutions.


education system

The process of education is considered so important in our society that no parents, who can afford it, can imagine having their children go uneducated. It has become such an integral part of our lives that for most people, completing the process of education appears to be a matter of habit. Others, who have so far remained outside this process, are now being covered by the literacy programmes of the government and various non-governmental organizations. Extending the privilege to everybody in the country seems to be a top priority for various governments representing political thought of different shades. Those outside the education system see it as a desirable thing and are quite eager to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them. But, why exactly is education so indispensable?

The need for such an examination arises because everything does not seem to be going alright with the education system. The ground reality is that in most of the schools and colleges of HIMACHAL, students, teachers and administrators are apathetic towards the process of education, fraudulent ways are beings adopted to complete the process and a large number of educated youth find themselves without jobs. It is quite anomalous that when the people, government and those involved in implementing it, consider the education to be a desirable thing, they choose to ignore the real state of affairs on ground. Policy makers, politicians, social activists and education experts are seen taking idealist positions when talking about education, most of the time. Do they really want to continue and expand the existing education system in its present form? Besides the degeneration of the process, education as an activity seems to be going on without any direction.

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